Helpful Links

LDWF Survey Section Oyster Lease Maps and Database
Maps, lessee, lease location and acreage data for Louisiana oyster leases
. Maps have no topography layer.

LDNR Sonris Coastal Use Permit Database
Database and maps of permit application documents.  Map area has layers showing current oyster leases in relation to permit applications as well as topography and place names.

LDNR Oyster Lease Damage Evaluation Board
(OLDEB) was created to address conflicts between mineral owners and oyster leaseholders "to effect an equitable solution ... which will result in fair and predictable treatment to the oil and gas industry while assuring the oyster fishermen actual compensation for damages to their oyster beds due to mineral activities"

Seasonal Classification Maps

LDHH Molluscan Shellfish Sanitation Program Oyster Harvesting Area.
PDF maps of the Louisiana oyster growing areas showing the shellfish
harvesting classifications (Prohibited, Restricted, Conditionally Approved and Approved) for each oyster growing area.

Smithsonian Marine Station at Ft. Pierce, FL Oyster Reef Community Description

NOAA - National Data Buoy Center

NOAA - National Hurricane Center

NOAA - National Weather Service Enhanced Radar
New Orleans / Baton Rouge, LA Radar image