Qualifications of Key Personnel
Raymond C. Albert


RAYMOND C. ALBERT completed the Drafting and Design Program at E.P. Nunez Community College and attended Southeastern Louisiana University. In 1999 he completed the Environmental Site Assessments course at Louisiana State University Division of Continuing Education. In 2001 he completed a Wetland Delineation course based on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 1987 Wetland Delineation Manual.

Mr. Albert has experience in Phase I Assessments, oil spill assessment, monitoring & sampling, NORM surveys, groundwater monitoring well sampling, water quality measurements and sampling, LDNR oyster resource surveys, creel sampling and collection using gillnets, trawls, cast nets & seines, creel surveys, crustacean collection, and benthos collection.

He is an Environmental Specialist, with field and office responsibilities. These include preparing CADD drawings for various projects including landfills, site plans, sub surface cross sections, building layouts, topographic and dredging/pipeline installation drawings. Field responsibilities include; professional support for underground storage tank investigations, oyster resource assessments, oil spill sampling, oil rig move monitoring, water sampling, sediment sampling, groundwater monitoring well sampling, Phase 1 and II environmental audits, wetland delineations, organism collection and soil core collection.

Mr. Albert is also experienced in the operation of various workboats, DGPS navigation systems, fathometers, current meters, Eckman dredges, Van Dorn bottles, oyster dredges, salinometers, dissolved oxygen meters, pH meter, soil drilling equipment, bottom sediment corers, Ludlum 12S gamma survey meter, organic vapor analyzer, and HAZWOPER certified, with current 8 hour refresher.

Raymond Albert
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