Qualifications of Key Personnel
Michael F. Rayle


MICHAEL F. RAYLE received his B.A. and M.S. in Biological Sciences from the University of New Orleans and 24 additional hours of post graduate study in Biology at Tulane University.

Mr. Rayle’s academic research investigated the effects of storm water pollution on the presence and abundance of low salinity estuarine invertebrates using a multiple discriminate functions computer analysis. Since 1977, Mr. Rayle has been involved in various types of natural resources damage assessments including endangered species surveys and the preparation of environmental impact statements and assessments, wetland determinations and water quality evaluations. He has also participated in the monitoring of oil and gas well blowouts as well as the development of oil spill monitoring plans. He has participated in several studies of the fate and effects of oil and gas related produced waters in coastal Louisiana.

Mr. Rayle has been most active in the sampling of oyster leases in connection with Water Bottom Oyster Resource Assessments for Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (LDNR), Coastal Management Division (CMD), Coastal Use Permit (CUP) Applications. He has conducted hundreds of oyster resource assessments to evaluate of the effects of freshwater diversions (Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection and Restoration Act or CWPPRA Projects), Bonnet Carre’ Flood Control Spillway openings, oil spills, dredging and mechanical damage to oyster resources, both on private oyster leases and Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Public Seed Grounds.

He has also been active in the locating, environmental impact assessment and permitting of solid waste facilities in both wetland and non-wetland areas. This experience includes the Louisiana DEQ Solid Waste permitting of the Jefferson Parish Kelvin Tract landfill, both the original and expansion area, the Jefferson East Bank Solid Waste Transfer Station, the Area Ninety landfill and the Coast Guard Road landfill in Venice, Louisiana.

He is the co-author of three refereed journal publications and is a member of the Estuarine Research Federation, the Gulf Estuarine Research Society and the National Shellfisheries
Association. Mr. Rayle has been qualified as an expert witness in both Louisiana and Federal courts. He is certified to conduct oyster resource assessments for the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, Oyster Lease Damage Evaluation Board.

Michael F. Rayle
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